Taken down by an insect (in the UK!!)

A few weeks ago I was on a client site visit in South East London and started feeling a little groggy. At first I wasn’t really sure what was causing it and put it down to a common bug or man flu. I struggled through the day and got home as quickly as possible. After a quick supper I was straight to bed thinking I could sleep it off. That was not to be the case.

After a very restless and fever ridden night I contacted work and said I wouldn’t be able to make it in. Over the course of the night a pain had developed in my left arm and on closer inspection I noticed that there were red marks tracing my veins. Immediately thinking this probably wasn’t a good thing I headed down to the Parsons Green Walk-in centre. After a two hour wait I was finally seen by a nurse. He examined my arm and in a semi excited tone informed me that I had been bitten by an insect and probably a spider. He went on to say that the bite had become infected and the infection was tracking up my veins. He wrote a quick note and referred me to Charing Cross A&E to be put on an IV but not before he had showcased me to his colleague.

initial infection

On the advice of the nurse I popped home and packed an overnight bag and more importantly my laptop. After a short taxi ride I arrived at A&E and was ushered through to the waiting area, where I optimistically thought I might get seen to quickly. After an episode of White Collar and, potentially inappropriately, an episode of The Walking Dead, I was finally called by a friendly doctor who rushed me through the warren of hospital corridors to a vacant bed. After making a remark about being hungry she even managed to find me a portion of Roast Chicken, and surprisingly good chicken too.

She set about her diagnosis and concurred that it was probably an insect bite but probably not the poison that caused the infection. She then took a blood sample to check my red blood cell level (which I am assuming is ok as I haven’t heard anything!) and prescribed various drugs. First up was an IV injection on antibiotics followed up by Co-amoxiclav and Flucloxacillan.


Luckily the overnight bag was not needed and I managed to get home later that afternoon, however the groggy feeling lingered on. After another feverish night I woke up to feeling slightly better but with a more swollen arm.

Infection day 3

Pretty sure all is on the mend now but how ironic that this should happen in a country with no poisonous insects just before I head to 14 countries with numerous hazardous creep crawlies!!

The only thing that worries me now is losing the skin round the infection…. fingers crossed that isn’t the case!


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  1. so you’re spiderman then? it all makes sense now.

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