Adventure Dining in London

Wahaca tacos

When the weather is as amazing as it was today it gives us the ability to shake up how we eat in London. Rather than pick a restaurant and be restricted to its menu we can add an element of exploration and make the whole of London our menu. All you need is an adventurous spirit and love of food.

So how do you Adventure Dine in London:

  • Firstly you decide what cuisines you want to eat. (Having already had Ukrainian and Jamaican this weekend I decided to mix Mexican and Italian.)
  • Secondly you research where you can get what you want to eat
  • Thirdly you find the parts of London you want to eat
  • And lastly you get on you bike and set off on your culinary adventure

I went for a small menu today.

Starter/Main: Pork Tacos from Wahaca

Drink: Apple and Mango juice

Pudding: Bitter Chocolate, Bonet and Snickers gelato from Gelupo

Extras: A double espresso

And the best thing… it cost less than £15 and who knows I may have even burnt off the calories!

Life is more fun if we explore and the more explore the happier we are!





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