The Power Yoga Company – Flexibility needed

The Power Joga Co

Following the completion of my 100 ten km + runs in 100 days challenge I realised that the excessive amount of running I had been doing had lead to very tight hamstrings – to the point I could no longer touch my toes… Stretching is something that I have never been very good at and is something that there remains debate over. Warming up is not something I do and prefer just to start slowly and speed up. Cooling down is something I should probably take more seriously and is something I have added to my routine.

Anyway now that I am in the rest phase of my running training schedule I thought it would be a good time to resort to some yoga. In the past I have done Bikram Yoga which I love  but now that I am saving for my next challenge it is economically not viable. Fortunately, there is  yoga studio close to my flat in Fulham called The Power Yoga Company where they offer a 25 day trail for £25.

I have always struggled with yoga as I am not best suited to taking about inner peace, my space etc, and while there is an aspect of that in Power Yoga it is very bearable – the collective “ahhhhs” is something I am still trying to get my head round.

I have enjoyed my short foray into Power Yoga and have to admit that I do feel like I have had a proper workout after. As with all yoga it is down to the individual to push themselves to their comfort level and the slightly heated room does mean that you can get a good sweat up during the session.

Fingers crossed the next three weeks will see my flexibility increase dramatically and I can undo some of the effects of long distance running.

The Power Yoga Company – http://www.thepoweryogaco.comContact

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